You can localize the product components that you use. All the lines used in the product are read from a special localization file that has XML format. There are several ways you can set current language:

1) Use special application to switch localization language named “Select Language”. This application is included into the product package and can be located in the '..\Perpetuum Software\SharpShooter Collection\Bin\' directory after installation. It changes a record that contains a value of Perpetuum Software localization language in the registry.

You can choose any supported language using a “Select from list” switcher, set your own localization language (“Load from file”), and choose default localization language. You can change a specified folder containing available languages.

2) You can change current language programmatically from your code. Classes from PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization namespace are used for this. Localization language is set by initializing a static property CurrentLanguage of a PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.Language class. One can do the following from the code:

a) Download localization lines from a localization file of a special format:

PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.LocalizationFile localizationFile =
    new PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.LocalizationFile();
PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.Language language =
    new PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.Language();
PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.Language.CurrentLanguage = language;

b) Change a localization language set as a default one:

PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.Language.CurrentLanguage =

c) Set a localization language in concordance with the same record in a registry:

PerpetuumSoft.Framework.Localization.Language.CurrentLanguage =

There is an opportunity to create a localization file if it is not supported. To do this, translate all the lines used in the components of a product. You can request those lines by submitting a ticket or sending an e-mail to a technical support service ( You will receive a MS XML file containing those lines. As soon as we receive translated lines, we will create a localization file for you.

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