Report template for labels: Template for
One label contains part number, price and a barcode.

Data source
XML-file is used as a data source for the report, that’s why it is required for products.xml file to be located in the same folder with Template for Labels.rst file.

Page location
Example contains two variants of label output:

1) All the labels are on one page (page1).
Property page1.PaperKind is set to A5. ColumnCount property of dataBand1 is set to 5 in order to output data into 5 columns. Data source contains 20 records, that’s why we will receive 4 rows and 5 columns. TextBox and BarCode elements’ sizes and locations are selected so as all the labels fit into one page.

2) One label per page (page2).
Property page2 = Custom, page size is set in page2.CustomSize property and selected so as only one label is located on page.

Price output format
Price in the data source is a fractional number. TextBoxPrice and TextBoxPrice1 elements' TextFormat property is set to Currency for to output monetary unit.

Data source contains numeric representation of a barcode. BarCode element is used for barcode output. Corresponding field from a data source is set as a BarCode.Code binding. Type is set in BarCode.CodeType property as EAN 13 (BarCode.CodeType = EAN13).

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