How to save filters

The following article displays how to save the filter for further use within a table.

1) Tap on the main menu icon and select ‘Saved filters’ from the Table settings options

2) Tap on the “+” button to add a new filter


3) Set the filter name and press ‘OK’ to confirm.


4) Tap on the “+” button in the corner to specify the filter settings.


5) After the filter settings for the column are set, press “OK” to confirm the changes.


6) Then, press the tick mark in the upper right corner to save the filter.


7) To select the saved filter click ‘Filtering’ option from the column “Sort and filter” menu


8) Tap on the filter selection icon to view the available filters


9) Select the filter by tapping on it and press “OK” to confirm filter selection.


10) Then press ‘Apply’ to use the filter.


11) The filter is applied and the filtered values are displayed.


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I cannot find the option to access saved filters anywhere.
Dave Tuting (March 22 at 10:40 PM)

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