Granting licenses under the packaged subscription

MobiDB licensing model introduces a number of license types to choose from.  Please refer to the following article for details:

Another type of license that the user can find helpful in certain situations is the ‘license pack’ subscription that can be directly purchased from our web site

The license packs consist of a number of licenses that can be freely shared among users by the license pack owner. The license pack can only contain the licenses of one type.

The license pack owner can manage the licenses by using the “Manage licenses’ option in the account management section.

The license sharing process is quite simple and intuitive. To share the license a license pack owner simply types in a user’s email address into the email field to invite the user for collaboration and press ‘Add’ button for confirmation. In this case, the total number of available licenses will be decreased by one license.

After the user is added to the users list, the invitation email is sent to user’s email. The emailed invitation letter provides the user with details on how to start using MobiDB app and how to access the user login form. It also contains the credentials required to sign in.

The license pack owner can freely revoke the license from the user by selecting the user in the list and pressing ‘Remove user’ button. In this case, the revoked license will be counted as not allocated and added to the total number of available licenses.



To download MobiDB app to your device, please use the links specified below:

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