How to use calculable expressions

Calculable expressions feature is introduced to minimize the number of calculable fields on the form required to perform specific calculations.

To get deeper in detail, let’s see into a simple sample.

Let’s assume we have a table that stores the customer first name and last name in separate fields and we have a task to output both first and last name as a single record in customers list within ‘Orders’ table. To achieve this we can use a Calculable Expression in ‘Customer’ table to merge both fields into one.

Click/tap on the Calculable Expressions icon located in the upper toolbar to run the Calculable Expressions manager.


Set the Expression name and specify the formula that merges customer first and last name into a single value.


Exit the Expressions manager window by pressing ‘OK’ to confirm the changes.

Then, add the Table reference control to ‘Orders’ table and check to make sure the expression name ‘FLName’ is available as a column for 'Customers' table.

Select 'FLName' as the column value and exit the forms designer.




Now open the customers dropdown list in ‘Orders’ table to see the customer first and last names displayed as a single value.






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