How to troubleshoot Dropbox sync issues

In order to help troubleshoot Dropbox synchronization problems we introduced the debugging option that can be activated through application settings.

In case you face Dropbox sync issues on your Android device, the following steps should be performed:

1)  Run MobiDB, tap on the Main menu button and select 'Application settings'.

2) Enable the 'Synchronization debug mode' by tapping on the checkbox next to this option and press 'OK' to confirm.

3) Select 'Connect to MobiDB Dropbox base' option from the Main menu to initiate Dropbox sync.

4) In case the sync process is interrupted by the error message, locate the 'Save log file' button on the screen and press it to save the debug information.

5) Select the path to save the file to, specify the file name and press 'Save'.

The file with the debug information should be sent to in case it was requested by technical support service.
Please note, you should deactivate 'Synchronization debug mode' after you finish troubleshooting the problem, since it can noticeably impact the application performance during the Dropbox synchronization.

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