How to share a database for multiple-user access

This article demonstrates how to share a database and connect to it from other devices. Please note, the synchronization process is not currently automated and tapping the 'Synchronize' button is required to initiate data sync.

1. How to share a database

2. How to connect to a shared database

To share a database to be accessed by multiple users, you should follow the steps given below.

Since the original version of MobiDB stored its Dropbox database backups within Dropbox App directory, that prevents the users from sharing their databases, we had to work around this limitation to enable such functionality. A new feature to move databases from Apps directory to MobiDB root directory was introduced in one of the latest versions. By using 'Update Dropbox databases' function available from the Main menu you can prepare your database for multi-user access. Your database files will be transferred to a root MobiDB directory and you can start sharing the database with other users.

Make sure your database is transferred to a root MobiDB Dropbox directory prior to moving to the next steps.

1) To share a database with other user, open your Dropbox web user interface in any available web browser.
     Click on MobiDB directory to see the list of databases available for sharing. Select the database you would like to share and press 'Share' button.

Let's presume we would like to share a database named 'Libros'.

2) After pressing the 'Share' button, select 'Invite people to collaborate' option.

3) Select the user you would like to share your database with and press 'Share folder' button to proceed.

Connecting to a shared database

1) The 'Shared folder invitation' will appear in Dropbox of the user you would like to share your database with.

2)  'Accept' button should be pressed for his/her confirmation.

3) The 'Libros' database is now linked to the root folder of user's Dropbox file system.

4) To be able to access the database from user's device, he/she should move the database to the root MobiDB folder. Right click on the 'Libros' database and select 'Move'.

5)  Select MobiDB folder located in the root of your Dropbox file system and press 'Move' to confirm. In case no 'MobiDB' folder is available in the folders' list, the user should create such folder manually and add the 'Libros' database to it.

6) After the 'Libros' database is moved to root MobiDB folder it can be accessed from the user's device.

7) To connect to the shared database on user's device the following steps should be performed:

a) Select 'Connect to MobiDB Dropbox base' from the main menu options list

b) The shared 'Libros' database is now visible in the list of available databases. Select the 'Libros' database to proceed.

c) Specify the name for this database to be displayed on user's device.

d) The 'Libros' database is now connected and can be used in cooperative mode.

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