How to get your issue resolved ASAP

How to get your issue resolved ASAP

When using PerpetuumSoft applications, customers sometimes run into issues. It is understandable that every customer wants to get his issues resolved as soon as possible. This article contains simple recommendations to get your problem resolved by our support service as soon as possible.

1) Please note, our technical support service specialists are interested in solving your problem no lesser than you are, but unfortunately, we do not have all the information you possess and cannot find a solution quickly without your help.

2) Try to describe your problem in maximum detail. If the problem occurred on your side, it is recommended to define the steps that could cause this and provide us with this information. It would also be helpful if you could specify how often the problem occurs, the product type and version you are currently using as well as its platform (if your problem relates to SharpShooter reports product, specify the Report Viewer type and technology you are using) . The information that we could also ask for is operating system version, Visual Studio version, .NET Frameworks installed etc. The more software details you provide us with, the lesser the chance you receive the response for software version clarifications.

3) Please note, our support service specialists have no information about your project or team when you contact us for the first time, that’s why the things that seem obvious to you, may not be always obvious to our specialists. Try to describe these obvious things, and take into consideration, you are addressing a specialist that does not have any initial information about your project.

4) In case you caught an exception while running your application, please let us know its type, message (should be in English) and a full stack trace. But remember, sometimes this only information cannot help much that’s why you should try to be more descriptive (see step 2).

5) The best approach to have your issue resolved ASAP is providing us with a sample that can be run on our side in order to reproduce the problem. You should still remember to let us know the details by specifying the things we should check and describing the expected behavior. Very often the tickets we process lack such information and the fact that some information may be treated as ambiguous makes us ask for additional clarification.

6) Try to provide screenshots if possible. Remember, one descriptive image is far better for perception than a thousand words written. Please mark those parts in the image that display the problem and let us know about the things you expect to see instead.

7) If you were asked any questions by our support service specialists, please try to answer them, though you may think that the answer to such question is not that important and can be simply ignored. Most probably, you will find the similar question asked in our next email and that will slow down the process of problem examination.  

8) In case you were asked to check some important things, please let us know whether the suggested steps helped you or not. If you faced a problem while following our recommendation, send us the details regarding it.  Unfortunately, judging by our experience, ignoring such simple things will greatly slow down the problem analysis, since only obtaining a confirmation from a customer will allow us to proceed further.

9) In case you tried to solve the problem on your own (by checking the knowledge base articles or forum threads) and were not successful, please let us know about the steps you had already done, as this will allow us to filter the information for further investigation or testing.

10) If you were able to cope with the problem on your own, it would be great if you could inform us about this. Saving our time in this case will let us process the problems of other customers much faster.

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