How to import data from MS Access

In order to import Microsoft Access data table to MobiDB application, the following steps should be performed.

1. Select ‘External Data’ tab in MS Access, then click ‘Export TextFile’ button on the ribbon panel.

2. Specify the destination file name and format. By default, MS Access uses .txt file name extension, that should be changed to .csv.  Go to the next step by pressing ‘OK’ button.

3. In ‘Export Text Wizard’ check to make sure the ‘Delimited’ option is selected ( which is set by default) and press ‘Advanced’ button to modify the settings.

4. Select  comma sign (,)  as ‘Field Delimiter’ and specify UTF-8 encoding to be used for exported data. Then press ‘OK’ button to confirm changes.

5. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

6. Check to make sure ‘Include Field Names on First Row’ option is selected. Then press ‘Finish’ button to complete export process.

7. The .csv file is created under the file system path specified in step 2. Press ‘Close’ button to exit.

8. Copy the created .csv file to your Android device.  Create a new MobiDB database and select ‘Import CSV’ option.

9. Press ‘Browse’ button  and select the .csv file to be imported.

10. Check to make sure ‘Encoding’ and ‘Delimiter’ options are specified correctly. Select  ‘UTF8’ encoding from drop-down menu.

11. Since ‘Include Field Names on First Row’ option was specified for MS Access table export in step 6, make sure that ‘First line contains column names’ is also checked.

12. Press ‘Next’ to finish importing .csv data.


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I can't seem to export/import fields with hyperlinks. MobiDB just seems to ignore that field on import
Simon Hall (January 28, 2017 at 2:37 PM)

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