Including license in C++ CLR projects


When the C++ CRL project is compiled the components are not built in even in spite of the availability of the correct licenses.licx file.


The matter is that Visual Studio doesn't compile licenses by default in spite of the availability of the file in the project.


To make Visual Studio compile licenses you need to the complete the following steps:

1. Run context menu of the project containing licenses.licx in the Solution Explorer

2. Select "Build Customizations" menu item

3. Check "lc(.targets, .props)" in the appeared dialog and click OK to close it.

4. Run context menu of the licenses.licx element in the Solution Explorer

5. Select "Properties" menu item

6. Select "Configuration Properties\General" item in the tree on the left of the form

7. Select "License Compiler" value for the "Item Type" property. Click Ok.

After you complete these steps licenses should be included in the project when it is compiled.

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