SharpShooterReports.Silverlight. Improving Performance on first run

You might probably already noticed that when running an application for the first time, the rendering process takes more time than next times. This happens because when first running of an application part of the time is taken for JIT compilation of the assemblies. You can avoid this using the ngen.exe utility. Using it you can generate native images of assemblies for the given architecture. You’re your application is initialized at the moment when any of the assemblies is required, CLR is trying to find its image and if it founds the image it does not take additional time for JIT compilation.

1. The first thing you need to do is to launch VS2012 x86 Native Tools Command Promt (or the one corresponding to your VS version) 

2. Generate image for the file of the application assembly: 

ngen install <path to your application assembly>


Besides, please make sure that ngen generated images for all assemblies your application refers to. This can be done by the ngen display command. If, for some reasons, images for assemblies to the references were not generated, repeat the procedure for every of them.

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