How to return previous behavior of the databand when using the NewPageBefore / NewPageAfter properties of the DataBand.

The problem:

In one of the previous version (to be specific, in version 6.0) there were changes in behavior of the DataBand when NewPageBefore / NewPageAfter properties are set to true. The previous behavior  when a new page was inserted before/after every instance of the rendered databand was considered as a bug and in later product versions a new page is inserted only before/after of rendering the whole databand.

To get back the behavior when a new page is inserted on every iteration of databand rendering it is recommended to set the properties of the elemented included into the databand. But what if you already have hundreds of reports which use previous behavior?

The solution:

We added a new mechanism to SharpShooter Reports 6.4 that allows getting back previous behavior on the Rendering Engine level. To do that it is required to set the following property to true:

PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.GlobalRenderingSettings.UseDataBandNewPageBeforeAfterCompatibilityMode = true

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