Before you start make sure that your license is installed correctly:

Depending on product control or javascript viewer you will have different scenarios:
1. ASP.NET viewer (from PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Web)

If you are using PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Web library, then you need to open context menu on the "<mypage>.aspx" (where report viewer is hosted)->View component designer.
You'll see report manager.
As soon as you do that licenses.licx file will appear in your project (for web application it's Properties->licenses.licx, for websites it's the root folder).

You’ll find the following in your licenses.licx file:

PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Components.ReportManager, PerpetuumSoft.Reporting, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8a6ae0a3e67829b5
PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Web.SharpShooterWebViewer, PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Web, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8a6ae0a3e67829b5

It's better to get rid of "Version=..." properties in this file like it's shown above in order to prevent licensing issues after upgrades.

If it's then you need to open context menu at the licenses.licx file->Generate runtime licenses. As you built you'll find App_licenses.dll, which is must library for deployment. Have a look in the following article regarding App_licenses.dll file:

If it’s web application then licenses will be embedded into the project library.

You'd better check that licenses for the two components mentioned above are embedded into the library (app_licenses for website and your project library for web application). You can use reflector tool in order to make sure that they are there:

As soon as you make sure that licenses are embedded into your library feel free to deploy your application and you won’t face ‘Unregistered’ label anymore.

2. javascript+html viewer

Open context menu for Service class and choose View designer.

As soon as you see our components you’ll see licenses.licx file.

Or you can create licenses.licx file manually in the Properties folder and put the following strings there:

PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Components.ReportManager, PerpetuumSoft.Reporting, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8a6ae0a3e67829b5

PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.WebViewer.Server.ReportServiceBase, PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.WebViewer.Server, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8a6ae0a3e67829b5

Build your project.

Open your library in the reflector tool:


After that you may be sure there are shouldn't be any troubles with Unregistered label and Trial label anymore.

For more info you can read the following article:



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