Silverlight Viewer licensing mechanism is implemented on the server side, where your WCF service is hosted. All licensing issues should be fixed on the server side.

Case 1

Most widely spread licensing issue.
I have installed license on the development PC, but when I deploy project on the deployment server, I receive Unregistered label.


How licensing does work.

Firstly, you have a license text in your registry. The License Manager reads and writes license text in the registry.
When you launch your application it tries to find the license embedded into the resources of the application assembly. If it doesn't find it, it tries to find the license in the registry. This is the most commonly spread issue when your license is not built into your application assembly.

How it should be in the perfect scenario:

You open ReportService.svc -> context menu, Run component Designer. The ReportService is inherited from the Control so it should have a designer (you can find it in the context menu of ReportService.svc.cs). When it opens, the licenses.licx file is being generated by Visual Studio in the Properties folder of your project.

When you build your project a compiler finds licenses.licx file and it tells the compiler for which components the license should be build into the application assembly. Then the license is taken from the registry and is added for the appropriate component. If it's built-in correctly you may find that your assembly contains license information in the resources of your application. You may use the reflector tool for that purposes:

Open the assembly with it and see Resources. If you see your license in the resources of your application then you can be 100% sure that you no longer have any problems with the unregistered label.

Case 2
I have installed license via license Manager, but I get Unregistered label on the same PC


1) Check that your license is added in registry:
For Windows x32 version:
LOCALMACHINE\software\Perpetuum Software\License
For Windows x64 version:
LOCALMACHINE\software\WOW6432Node\Perpetuum Software\License
2) Based on your operating system information please check the article below:
3) Make sure that the License Manager was run with administrator privileges.
4) Check that the license file(licx) is located in the project(To do that just open the form which contains widget in designer).
5) Please rebuild application.

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