I get "Unable to find assembly 'PerpetuumSoft.ReportingServices.Viewer.ExtensionLink...". What should I do?

The "Unable to find assembly 'PerpetuumSoft.ReportingServices.Viewer.ExtensionLink, Version=…, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=...'" error means that there is no corresponding dll on the server side.

We don't use PerpetuumSoft.ReportingServices.Viewer.ExtensionLinkit directly but PerpetuumSoft.ReportingServices.Viewer.Server has some references to this library. To be sure that ExtensionLink.dll is located in the 'bin' folder of the project we recommend you to add this library as a reference to the server side of an application.

You can also copy this dll from C:\Program Files\Perpetuum Software\Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services 2008\Bin to <your project folder>\bin manually.

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