I don't see gauges on the web dashboard. What should I do?

Q: I created the web dashboard. It works well in my development environment however I don't see the gauges when it is deployed on the production. What should I do?

A: The problem may be related to the component licensing. In this case the component will work on the development machine (taking license from the registry), but it won’t work on the server.

You need to re-build the application on the machine where the license is installed.
  1. Open the form with the component in the designer;
  2. The .licx file should appear in the project;
  3. Re-build the project;
  4. Use reflector to make sure that the license is built in the project.

This should solve your problem.

However if it doesn't help it is possible that you have a connection issue. In this case please try to check the queries with Fiddler tool in order to understand what query doesn't work. You can also collect the information from Fiddler and send it to our support team.

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