How to change control popup export window

Since version 2.11 of Silverlight viewer for Reporting Services you are able to control appearance and behavior of export popup windows.

By default export window is opening with the following properties specified:

Target = “_blank” for pdf and html4.0

Target = “_self” for xps, excel, rtf, xml, csv, image, word, mhtml.

And the following TargetFeatures:

Top = 0,

Left = 0,

Width = int.Parse(HtmlPage.Window.Eval("screen.availWidth").ToString()),

Height = int.Parse(HtmlPage.Window.Eval("screen.availHeight").ToString()),

Scrollbars = true,

Menubar = true,

Location = true,

Resizeable = true,

Status = true,

Toolbar = true,


You can change this settings like in the code below:

reportViewer.ExportWindowOptions["pdf"].Target = PerpetuumSoft.ReportingServices.Viewer.Client.NavigateToSettings.blankTarget;

reportViewer.ExportWindowOptions["pdf"].TargetFeatures.Height = 500;

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