Excel (XLSX) export

The export mechanism performs export to XLSX format by using a free OpenXML SDK library.

Currently, export to the XLSX format is set by default in the Silverlight Viewer.
The export icon in the viewer looks the following way:

If you need to enable export to earlier XLS format, you should add the following code line
to MainPage.xaml.cs:

reportViewer.ViewOptions.ExcelExportBrowsing = true;

After that an XLS export icon becomes available in the viewer:

You can perform export to XLSX format from code in the same way as with any other format by using the following code:

String wFileName = @"Your\file\path";
PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.DOM.Document doc =  Document;
PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.OpenXML.ExcelExportFilter filter =
new PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.OpenXML.ExcelExportFilter();
filter.Export(doc, wFileName);

An export options dialog in Silverlight.

An XLSX export dialog in SharpShooter Reports.Win.

In the Sheet Settings section, you can select a way of splitting document on sheets

Export to one sheet – allows placing all report pages on one Excel document sheet

Split sheets by pages – places report pages on separate Excel sheets

Split sheets by groups - splits document on groups with help of group marks and then creates sheets for each groups ( For more information refer to  http://helpcenter.perpetuumsoft.com/KB/a568/using-groups-to-manage-sheet-split-for-xlsx-export.aspx).

  Also it is possible to set quality settings such as Custom resolution and picture quality.

The preview of the exported document:

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