Error occured. How to see detailed error information?

Sometimes when running application you may get errors like these: "An error occurred on the server. Please contact the system administrator. " or "System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException: The remote server returned an error: NotFound." or other messages. These messages may be not so informative. However you're able to see detailed information about errors by creating a log file. In order to do this, please, do following steps:

1. Create Log folder in the root folder of the application, where the Service resides.
2. Enable LogMode:
<LogMode value="On" />
<Service Type=<1. server project namespace or 2.nothing for 
website project>.<folder path to the WCFService or nothing
it's in the root folder>.<WCFServiceName>, <1 server project
assembly name or 2. App_Code for website project>"> <MsReportingServer
="http://localhost/reportserver/ReportExecution2005.asmx"> <Credentials Domain="" UserName="" Password="" /> </MsReportingServer> </Service> </PerpetuumSoftServices>
3. Set viewer.DebugMode = DebugModeEnum.Full;
public MainPage()
Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(MainPage_Loaded);

void MainPage_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
reportviewer.DebugMode = DebugModeEnum.Full;
After that you can view the log file in the Log folder and see more detailed information. So you'll be able to see where the issue is.

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