SharpShooter products: Rebranding FAQ

Common Questions

Q: Should I change my code or project settings when migrating from <Old Product Name> to <New Product Name>?

A: No, you won’t have to change code or project settings as we didn’t change dll names and name spaces, we just added new ones for a new web report viewer.

Is it necessary to upgrade my current valid license of <Old Product Name> to use it for <New Product Name>?

A: No, it is not necessary.

Report Sharp-Shooter & Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight

SharpShooter Reports.Enterprise

Q: What is the difference between SharpShooterReports.Enterprise and SharpShooterReports.Professional?

A: SharpShooter Reports.Professional comes with full source code for the product.

I’m trying to download SharpShooter Reports.Win but Enterprise version is downloaded instead. What I’m doing wrong?

A: Nothing is wrong. Trial version of SharpShooter Reports is full-featured and offers functionality of all product editions: SharpShooter Reports.Win, SharpShooter Reports.Web, SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight; all of them are included in SharpShooter Reports.Enterprise.

Migration and licensing

Q: Can I use my current Report Sharp-Shooter Win license for SharpShooter Reports.Win of version 6 and higher?

A: Yes, you can.

I have Report Sharp-Shooter Web edition with valid license how can I use new HTML5+JavaScript Web Viewer component available in v6.0?

A: You just need to re-download your license key from your account on our web site, remove the old license from the License Manager and register the new one. Old web viewer is still included in the product to provide backward compatibility. New license key includes both options.

I have Report Sharp-Shooter Win+Web edition with valid license. What version of SharpShooter Reports should I download? Is my Win+Web license still valid?

A: You need to download SharpShooter Reports.Enterprise which is also a trial version of the product and install in on your computer. Re-download your license key from your account on our website, remove the old license from the License Manager and register a new one.

I have Report Sharp-Shooter Win+Web edition and my license is expired. How can I renew it?

A: You just need to renew your subscription here:

After the order is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and re-register your new license key.

Currently I need reporting tool for Windows Forms but probably I will need the same for Silverlight in future. Is it possible to buy additional license for SharpShooter.Silverlight in future?

A: No, it is not possible. According to our licensing policy Additional licenses are available for purchase only if you get Full license of the same edition. You will need either get Full license of SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight or upgrade to SharpShooter Reports.Enterprise or SharpShooter Reports.Professional by paying the price difference. Please contact our sales representative at

SharpShooter Reports.Web

Q: What is the difference between SharpShooter Reports.Web and Web edition of previous Report Sharp-Shooter?

A: Please review this article

I examine new web component but actually cannot see any HTML5 specific stuff. What I miss?

A: The component is fully compatible and ready to work with HTML5. Also some HTML5 specific stuff will be added in the next product release scheduled to December 2011.

Chart Model Kit

Q: I have valid license for Chart Model Kit. I see that this product is not delivered as a separate product. Does it mean that I’m not able to receive technical support?

A: You can get technical support regarding this product.

I want to renew my Chart Model Kit license but I can’t find it in the list of products. Is it still possible to renew the license?

A: Instead of Chart Model Kit renewal you will pay the same renewal price and receive either subscription for SharpShooter OLAP (including OLAP and charting components) or for SharpShooter Dashboards (including gauge and charting components).

OLAP Model Kit

Q: I see that both OLAP Model Kit and OLAP + Charts are now replaced by SharpShooter OLAP. Does it mean that I can obtain SharpShooter Charts for free if I have OLAP Model Kit License?

A: You will get a new license including charting option. This means that you can use charts to visualize your pivot tables.

SharpShooter Diagrams

Q: Can I use SharpShooter Diagrams in SharpShooter Reports?

A: Currently Diagrams integration is not supported by SharpShooter Reports because Diagrams is available only as a Silverlight component and SharpShooter Reports is cross-technology .NET component. But we have a long term vision on their integration.

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