How to Select Multiple Controls

Earlier in SharpShooter Reports there was the possibility to select multiple
controls within a parent container using mouse and keeping the Ctrl button
pressed and dragging to create a rectangular selection. In the new version
of SharpShooter Reports we have replaced this combination of keys
to the Ctrl + Shift. Also there are some hotkeys for selecting.

 Ctrl + A
 Select all
 Ctrl + Shift + A
  1. Select all elements in the current container (and child elements)
  2. press A – add parent container
  3. press A – add all brothers of the parent  (and their child elements)
  4. press A – add parent of the parent
  5. …
 Ctrl + Shift + Mouse
(Drag move)
 Select all elements that are at least 50% covered by the selection rectangle
 Shift + Mouse Click
 Add to selection
 Ctrl + Mouse Click
 Remove selection

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