Starting from the 5.3 version of Report Sharp-Shooter it is possible to create different tables using Table Wizard.

For example, we have a report and we need to add a table into it.

Step 1

In the "Insert" tab there is a new "Table" button. Click on it.

The Table Wizard is appeared.

Step 2

Select the Data source.

Select the fields for displaying in the table by double-click on the "Available fields" list or by click on the ">" button.

Click "Next".

Step 3

Change the properties of the selected fields in the appeared wizard window by double-click on the edit field. Click "Next".

Step 4

Select the fields from the "Available fields" list to sort the table rows if the table is required sorting. Click "Finish". Run the report.

Step 5

Make the necessary changes for new Databand's elements.

Check the "Layout Bands" on the "View" tab of the Ribbon panel to locate elements in a more representative form.

Set the necessary element's width if you doesn't set it on the step 3.

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