Component creation time takes more than 15 seconds. What should I do?

There is an issue in older versions of .NET Framework on how X509Utils.OidToAlgId() and CryptoConfig.MapNameToOID() methods interact. This leads to the long work of the cryptographic algorithm that we are using in our licensing mechanism. In this case when you call the constructor of our licensed component you will have a long delay. In order to avoid it you need to add the following information into you configuration file:

<oidEntry OID="1.2.840.113549.2.5" name="1.2.840.113549.2.5"/>
<!-- MD5 -->
<oidEntry OID="" name=""/> <!-- RIPEMD160 -->
<oidEntry OID="" name=""/> <!-- SHA1 -->
<oidEntry OID="2.16.840."
name="2.16.840."/> <!-- SHA256 -->
<oidEntry OID="2.16.840."
name="2.16.840."/> <!-- SHA384 -->
<oidEntry OID="2.16.840."
name="2.16.840."/> <!-- SHA512 -->
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