New Print and Export methods in RSS 5.2

The new methods are available in the 5.2 version of Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight.

1) The Print() method is used for document printing.


2) The Export(ExportFormat format, bool useDefaultOption) method is used for document exporting.

using PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Silverlight.Client;
ReportViewer1.Export(ExportFormat.Pdf, true);

The first parameter indicates that document will be exported into the PDF format. All possible formats are:

  • Excel,
  • HTML,
  • PDF,
  • RTF,
  • XPS.

The 'true' value of the second parameter sets the default export options.
If you set the 'false' value, you may configure PDF and Excel options in the PdfExportOption and ExcelExportOption properties of ReportViewer1 before calling Export method.

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