Solution for the Licensing Issues


Issue: "What should I do if my compiled application works on the PC with the installed license, but the “trial” message window is shown on the PC, which doesn’t have license?"

This problem appears when the license was not built into your project. The matter is in the fact that Visual Studio adds the information about the license to the compiled assembly during the compilation. The compiled assembly uses the components which require licensing. This is standard licensing mechanism used by .Net Framework. You can read more information on licensing here: Licenses.licx File.

What should you do if you have such problem?

Note: You need to rebuild your application to check if your licensing issue was solved. Making changes without rebuilding will not take effect.

Here is the list of possible reasons of the issues and their solutions:

  1. Visual Studio didn’t build in the license.

    • License was not registered in LicenseManager. Please, run LicenseManager with the administrative privileges and make sure that license is displayed in the list of licenses.
    • It is a known issue with the web site project. The description of the solution can be found here: How to add information about licenses into your web site (workaround).

    • The issue which usually occurs on x64 system during the use of the old product versions. The description of the solution can be found here: Known issue with 64 bit Windows 7.

    • The issue with the old product versions which don’t support .Net Framework 4 in the projects with use of .Net Framework 4. The only solution is to upgrade your product version to the latest one.

  1. The licenses.licx file is missing or it is not filled.

  1. You are trying to use the component which is not supported by your license.

Please pay attention that the message about the trial period includes data about what option is missing in the license (marked with red rectangle) and for which component (marked with green rectangle). The component name with indication of namespaces is in the title:

To add the component manually you should add the string with the following content (with indication of the name, assembly and version):

<Name>, <Assembly>, Version=<Version>, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8a6ae0a3e67829b5

If the described solutions don’t help you, then please e-mail to our Technical Support Team at Please enclose screenshots of the “trial” windows, indicate the name and the e-mail of the person on whom the license was registered, project Framework version, Visual Studio version, version and OS bitness, your project type.

Also, you may find list of all SharpShooter components with indication of options which are required for the license in this article.

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