PerpetuumSoft Components are not shown in VS toolbox

Let's assume you've installed Perpetuum Software products and run Visual Studio in order to have a look at your new wonderful components or to make your first 'Hello world' reporting application using them.

Unfortunately, there can be some situations when no PerpetuumSoft components are displayed in Visual Studio toolbox. There are two possible cases:
1. There's a PerpetuumSoft section in the toolbox, but it displays the warning regarding "Client Profile" instead of showing the components list. In this case you need to change the target framework of the project (see the detailed instruction below).

2. No PerpetuumSoft section is displayed in Visual Studio toolbox at all. Most probably the Visual Studio components were not installed properly because Visual Studio instance was running during the installation process. The simpliest way to fix the issue is to close Visual Studio instance (check to make sure the devenv process is not running in Task Manager), then uninstall the PerpetuumSoft components from the PC and reinstall them again.

Also you can add the components manually as specified in the following chapter.

There are no components in the PerpetuumSoft products' sections

Most probably, you will see the following text in the Toolbox of Visual Studio:

"Controls in this category are unavailable for the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. To change this setting, open the Project Properties window."

Controls are unavailable in C# project
Controls are unavailable in C# project

Controls are unavailable in VB project
Controls are unavailable in VB project

Visual Studio sets .NET Framework 4 Client Profile as default target framework. However, the PerpetuumSoft components require full .NET Framework profile, thus you need to specify it manually in the Properties of your Application:

Select application properties
Select application properties

Select target Framework in C# application
Select correct target Framework in C# application properties.

Select target Framework in VB application
Select correct target Framework in VB application properties.

After the Framework is changed to the correct one, the PerpetuumSoft components will appear in VS Toolbox.

How to add PerpetuumSoft components to Visual Studio toolbox manually

If components are still not shown in Visual Studio toolbox, take the following steps:

1) Right click on the Toolbox -> Choose Items:

Choose Items for VS Toolbox
Choose Items for VS Toolbox

2) Select '.NET Framework Components' tab in the window -> Click on the 'Browse' button:

Select Toolbox Items in the Window
Select Toolbox Items in the Window

3) Select the PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.dll from the Bin folder of the installed product. Usually it can be found under the following path C:\Program Files\Perpetuum Software\<Your product name>\Bin.

Perpetuum dll libraries
Select PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.dll

4) Select the PerpetuumSoft components from '.NET Framework Components' list:

Select Perpetuum components
Select PerpetuumSoft components

5) Click 'OK' to apply changes.

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