How to add information about licenses into your web site (workaround)

The project running from Visual Studio without problems. After publishing the app to a remote site it doesn't include licenses.licx in resources.

After building the Web-Site with all the steps required for that, you'll find <WebSite>/Bin/App_Licenses.dll. This assembly contains license for your component. But license could be not built into App_Licenses.dll.

Visual Studio has this problem. In order to fix it do the following steps:
1. Close Visual Studio;
2. Delete App_Licenses.dll file;
3. Open Visual Studio;
4. Right click on licenses.licx -> click on "Build runtime licenses".
After that licenses.licx will be embeded in App_Licenses.dll.
Please, also copy App_Licenses.dll then because after building the project information about licenses.licx could be lost or could be not.

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