The Digits element is intended for digital indicator emulation. It is used for digital values output. 

The text, displayed in the indicator, is assigned in the Text property. The following symbols are allowed: numbers (0-9), “point”, “dash”, “colon”, “space”. 

The position and size are assigned by the Center and Size properties. 

The Angle property assigns the figure rotation clockwise relatively to the center. 

The indicator number is displayed by the figures, consisting of segments. Segments thickness is assigned by the SegmentThickness property. The interval between the segments is assigned by the SegmentSpace property. The Symbol width is assigned by the DigitWidth property, height is assigned by DigitHeight property, the space between the figures is assigned by the DigitSpace property. 

The color of figures active segments is assigned by the ActiveColor property, the color of inactive segments is assigned by the InactiveColor property.

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