The ScaleMarks element represents graphic markers on the scale.

Shape type is assigned in the Shape property. Values are displayed within the range, set in the scale, and step, assigned in the Step property. If the Step property value is set to Auto, division amount is set in the Divisions property. The Origin property sets the benchmark. 

Marks size is assigned in the MarkSize property. 

Submarks are displayed in the within the range between marks, and they divide this range according to the SubDivisions property. Submarks size is assigned in the SubMarkSize property.

Marks and submarks relative position is set in the SubTicksPosition property. When the element is drawn, marks will be evenly distributed along the scale. 

Shift from the scale is set in the Distance property. 

The Dock property determines relative position of the marks subject to shifts, set in the Padding property. 

Marks angle is assigned in the MarksAngle property. 

If you need to display marks only in the specified range, use the MaxLimit and MinLimit properties, which assign range bounds. The UseLimit property indicates that limitation of the element output will be performed. The ScaleMarks element should be included in the scale.

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