The Ticks element is the ticks on the scale.

Values are displayed within the range, assigned in the scale and step defined in the Step property. The number of the ticks is assigned in the Divisions property. The Origin property specifies the bench mark. If the UseRoundValues property is set to true, scale ticks will be distributed in the way that the corresponding values contain minimal amount of the fractional numbers; the number of divisions will be less or equal to the Divisions property value. 

The length of the tick is assigned in the Length property. The intermediate ticks, which divide this range according to the SubDivisions property, are output between the ticks in the range. The length of the intermediate ticks is assigned in the SubLength property. 

The positional relationship of the ticks and the intermediate ticks can be assigned with the help of the SubTicksPosition property. When drawing the element, the ticks will be evenly spread in the line of the whole scale. 

The indent from the scale is assigned with the help of the Distance property. 

The Dock property determines the Ticks element position subject to shifts, set in the Padding property. 

If there is a necessity to output the ticks only in the assigned range, use MaxLimit and MinLimit properties that assign the range borders. The UseLimits property indicates that the limitation on element outlet will be used. This element is included in the scale.

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