The ScaleLabels element represents numeric labels on the scale.

Values are displayed within the range, set in the scale, and step, defined by the Step property. If the Step property is set to Auto, divisions’ amount is set in the Divisions property. The Origin property defines a benchmark. If the UseRoundValues is set to true, scale marks will be distributed along the scale in the way that the corresponding values contain minimal amount of fractional numbers; the number of divisions will be less or equal to the Divisions property value. When the element is drawn, these labels will be evenly distributed along the scale. Shift from the scale is assigned by the Distance property.

The Dock property defines relative position of the ScaleLabels subject to shifts, assigned in the Padding property.

The OddLabelDistance property sets shift of the odd labels relative to even ones. 

Labels alignment relative to each other is set in the Position property. 

The TextAlignment property sets marks alignment relative to the corresponding scale value. 

Label angle is set in the Angle property, and label orientation is set in the TextRotationMode property. 

The ShowSuperposableLabels defines if the superposable labels will be displayed. 

The ItemsMargins property defines text shift from the Label area bounds.

If you need to display Labels only within the assigned range, use the MaxLimit and MinLimit properties that set range bounds. The UseLimit property indicates that limitation of the element output will be executed. 

This element should be included in the scale.

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