The CustomLabels element represents text labels on the Scale, that are not bound to scale values.

Text labels as well as corresponding scale values are assigned in the Labels collection. Scale value can be assigned both by absolute value and relative value (in percentage from the scale range). Labels, which value is set to Auto, will be evenly distributed along the scale subject to bench mark assigned by the Origin property. Shift form the Scale is assigned in the Distance property.

The Dock property defines relative position of the CustomLabels element subject to sifts assigned in the Padding property.

The OddLabelDistance property sets sift of add labels relative to even ones.

Labels alignment relative to each other is assigned by the Position property.

The TextAlingment property defines marks alignment relative to the corresponding scale value.

Text angle is assigned in the Angle property, and text orientation is set in the TextRotationMode property.

The ItemMargins property defines text shift from the label area margins.

The ShowSuperposableLabels defines if the superposable labels will be displayed.

If you need to display labels only in the specified range, use the MaxLimit and MinLimit properties assigning range bounds. The UseLimit property indicates that limitation of element output will be executed.

This element should be included in the scale.

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