The Slider element is a non-visual element that assigns the current value (the Value property) on the Scale, in which this slider is included. The Slider handles the events from the mouse in the following way: it synchronizes the Value property according to the current position of the mouse pointer and the geometry of the trajectory, in which it is included. As the Slider element is a non-visual one, it cannot directly receive the events from the mouse. The events from the mouse are passed to the Slider by the visual elements included in it. Thus, in order to make the Slider react on the mouse moves, it is necessary to include some visual element in it.

The MaxLimit and MinLimit assign range of changing value and can process both absolute and relative values. The UseLimit property defines, if the assigned range of changing value is used.

Various visual elements, included in the Slider and bound to it by expressions, can be used for visualizing current Slider value.

The group element is a non-visual element used for grouping other elements.

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