How to send localization to SSRS


The SSRSRenderingCulture property value is used during the report rendering in SSRS in order the data, which depend on localization (such as date, number and so on), were output correctly.



<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Grid.Column="1" >
  <TextBlock Text="SSRS culture:" FontSize="14" Margin="5"/>
  <TextBox x:Name="_ssrsLocale" Margin="3" Width="60" 
             Text="en-US" FontSize="14"/>
  <Button Content="RenderDocument" Click="Button_Click_1" 
          Width="200" Margin="4"/>
<ReportViewer:ReportViewer x:Name="reportViewer" Grid.Row="2"/>


reportViewer.SSRSRenderingCulture = _ssrsLocale.Text;

The document rendering was executed with en-US (English - United States) localization value.

The document rendering was executed with es-ES (Spanish - Spain) localization value.

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