Getting Started with Ribbon Interface

This article describes how to create a template with Ribbon Report Designer Interface. The report displays current date, a logo and a note.

1. Create a new empty template – select “New” item in the Application menu.

Select “Blank Report” item in the Wizards Gallery and press “OK”.

2. You will see your blank report and properties of the edited template on the “Properties” window on the right.

Set ScriptLanguage property to “CSharp”.

3. Go to the “Insert” tab. Click “TextBox” button.

Left-click to add TextBox to the template.

Set Value property to “Now”.

Go to “Format” tab of TextBox tab set. Select “Date” value in the TextFormat list.

4. Add one more TextBox element to the template. Open Text Editor (by double click on the TextBox or by pressing Enter key). Type “My first report”.

5. Go to the “Insert” tab. Click “Picture” button.

Left-click on the template to add Picture element.

Double-click Picture element area to open dialog window to setting path to the image. Choose a logo image and press “Open” button.

Go to “Format” tab of Picture tab set. Click “Size Mode” button and choose “Uniform” property value.

Report Template:

6. Click "Report Preview" button on the Quick Access Toolbar to generate the report.

Generated report in Report Viewer.

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