Creation of .licx Files in Applications Compiled from the Command Line

If you create your application without using any visual tools and compile it from the command line, you should use the lc utility that is included into the .NET Framework SDK. For example, you create an application with the MyApplication.exe name and it uses the licensed components. Then, you should create the license.licx file with the list of components you use (how to create this file is described above) and write the following in the command line:

lc.exe /target:MyApplication.exe /complist:licenses.licx 
/i:PerpetuumSoft.Framework.dll /i:PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.dll

This utility creates resource file with licenses (we get the MyApplication.exe.licenses file in our example)

After that you should add this file to the resources of your application. For example:

csc /res:MyApplication.exe.licenses /reference:…

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