Registration with License Manager

Download and unpack the license key file. Open the file and launch the product License Manager from the "Start" menu. In the License Manager, click the "Add License" button and copy-paste the registration key file content into the "Register Form" window. Then, click the "Register" button.

You can also use the “Add from file“ button. After the button is clicked the Open License Dialog will appear. Select the .elic file you downloaded from the site and click the Open button.

If you purchased several licenses for the product, you should install different licenses on the machines.

If the license has not been installed, you will get a warning that the trial version of the product is used.

Each license has an expiration date. But it doesn’t mean that your product will not work after this date. The expiration date indicates the date after which you will not be entitled to use your current license with the product versions released after this date. If you don’t want to renew your license you are able to work with the previous product versions without any time limits.

If the project is created by a group of developers with use of several computers, it is required to install a unique license on each machine. Otherwise, if you use only one license and move your project to another machine, you will get a warning that the license is illegally used.

You will get this warning if the project has been developed on one machine but transported to another machine for some reason or another. It is not a violation, but you will get a warning while compilation. After that the license will be assigned to this machine and you will not get the warning.

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