Mechanism of using subreports is used when it is necessary to join several reports in a single one. SubReport is used for this purpose. It defines included subreport and its location in the template. Subreport template should be located in the ReportManager current template is located in (read more information about ReportManager in the article).

To set subreport template, TemplateName property of the SubReport is used. Property combo box contains report names contained in the current ReportManager (if ReportName property for ReportSlot is not set in the ReportManager, template is not displayed in the list).

 Template of master report   Subreport template    Report  
 Property subReport.TemplateName = Report1

Final report contains only those elements that are located inside bands (DataBand, Detail etc.). If style is not set for subreport elements, style of the master template or SubReport band is applied to them.

In order to set shift from the left report border Shift property of the SubReport is used.

Report Template:

 Property   Report  

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