Hyperlinks to Internet Resources and Emails

To get hyperlinks to Internet resources in the Hyperlink property it is necessary to set URL. For example, textBox.Hyperlink = “http://www.perpetuumsoft.com/”

When you click on the TextBox element area in the final document, hyperlink is opened with the help of browser.

To make email client open when you click the link, Hyperlink property should contain mailto hyperlink, for example, textBox.Hyperlink = “mailto:sales@perpetuumsoft.com”. Then click on the element will open email client to send message to the set address. The same with the parameters (subject, body, cc, bcc,); it is possible to set subject, content of the message, emails to send CC and BCC. For example, hyperlink “mailto:sales@perpetuumsoft.com?
bcc=support@perpetuumsoft.com” opens email client with the following data:

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