Type of the code is set in the CodeType property. The following linear barcode types are available: Code_2_5_interleaved, Code_2_5_industrial, Code_2_5_matrix, Code39 (default value), Code39Extended, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Code93, Code93Extended, CodeMSI, CodePostNet, CodeCodabar, CodeEAN8, CodeJAN8, CodeEAN13, CodeJAN13, CodeUPC_A, CodeUPC_E0, CodeUPC_E1, CodeUPC_Supp2, CodeUPC_Supp5, CodeEAN128A, CodeEAN128B, CodeEAN128C.

2D barcodes are use with additional settings:

PDF417, PDF417Compact. Settings for these barcode types are in the Pdf417Settings properties group:

QRCode. QRCodeSettings property group:

MicroQRCode. MicroQRCodeSettings property group:

Japan_Postal barcode type should be mentioned separately. Amount of points for the Japan_Postal barcode is set in the BarPoint property. Size of the barcode is standard and it depends on the BarPoint property.

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