SharpShooter Collection Installation

SharpShooter Collection is distributed as a Microsoft Installer package. The name of the installation package file is SharpShooter Collection.msi. To install the software, run this file and follow instructions of the wizard.

If during setting installation you chose the "Add components to Visual Studio Toolbox" option, the SharpShooter Collection components will be automatically added to the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Toolbox. In a different way, you can add the SharpShooter Collection components onto the ToolBox manually. For your convenience we recommend to create a separate tab for every product. To do it, start Visual Studio, right-click on the ToolBox, select the Add Tab item from the context menu, enter the name of the tab (for example, SharpShooter Reports) and press Enter.

After that you should add components to the created tab. Open it by clicking on it with the left mouse button, use the right mouse button to open its contextual menu and select the Choose Items item. After that you will see the dialog box shown below.

To sort the list by namespaces (the namespaces of all components begin from PerpetuumSoft), click on the Namespace column header.

Then select the following components: ReportManager, DesignerDataSourceTree, DesignerDocumentTree, DesignerErrorList, DesignerPropertyGrid, DesignerStatusBar, DesignerToolBar, DesignerToolBox, ReportDesigner, CSVExportFilter, ExcelExportFilter, ExcelXMLExportFilter, BitmapExportFilter, EmfExportFilter, GifExportFilter, JpgExportFilter, TiffExportFilter, HtmlExportFilter, PdfExportFilter, RTFExportFilter, ReportViewer, SharpShooterWebViewer and click “OK”.

To use SharpShooter Gauges in Visual Studio you should add the following components onto the ToolBox: IndicatorWidget, Widget, WidgetHolder, WidgetProducer, OPCChannel, and OPCConnection.

To use SharpShooter OLAP, add these components: DataCube, DataCubePrintDocument, DataCubeGrid, DataCubeView. SharpShooter Dashboards use requires the ChartViewer component added to Visual Studio ToolBox.

Installation problems

If the product installation is not ended successfully, try the following steps:

1) Make sure that the installation is launched with administrator permissions.

2) Try to uncheck "Add components to Visual Studio Toolbox" during the installation:

(Then you can add Perpetuum components in VS manually.)

3) Follow the next way: Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off and check "Internet Information Services -> Web Management Tools -> IIS 6 Management Compability":

4) Check if there any error messages in Event Viewer (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer, then follow to Windows Logs -> Application section). You can save this log to a file and send it to or submit a ticket. Our Perpetuum Support Team will try to find out how to solve this problem.

5) Enable windows installer logging. In order to do that go to the directory containing the installation file and execute the following command

msiexec /i NETModelKitSuite.msi /log installog.txt

After installation send file installog.txt to or submit a ticket. Our Perpetuum Support Team will try to find out how to solve this problem.

6) If the information above doesn't help, you can try to install the product on another machine and then copy the files to the computer you need. Then you can add DLL files to GAC and Perpetuum components on the Toolbox in Visual Studio manually.

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