Object Addition

Click “Add” button on the Component Bar or click “Insert\<Object name>” main menu item. Then set the mouse pointer on the page and left-click to add an object. If you click on some band, the program checks if this band can contain the object you try to add (More information about available band containers). If the band can contain this object, it is added to the template, inside the band, otherwise an error message is shown.

TextBox elements for data source outlet can be added to the template by drag and drop of the appropriate element from the Data Tree of the Tool Window from the Data Sources tab. TextBox.Value will be set automatically.

Object Deletion

There are several ways to delete an object: left-click (or select it in the Object list or in the Document Tree in the Tool Window) and click “File\Delete” Objects main menu item (or press “Delete” button on the keyboard). When you delete a band, all the contained objects will be deleted too.

Object Properties

Object properties can be set with the help of Property Grid. Select the object in the template to see its properties displayed in the Property Grid. Property Grid shows common properties of the elements when several of them are selected.

(More information about objects’ properties)

Document Tree

Document Tree contains the list of all document objects and shows its structure. One can select and delete object, change hierarchy (dragging the object to the different band) and change object order in the Document Tree.

Objects’ Location

Objects’ location in the template is set with the location property. The higher object is displayed when two overlay each other. Click “Edit\Arrange” main menu item or use the buttons on the Toolbar to change objects order. Use Align Editor to align several objects relatively to each other.

One can change the location of several chosen objects included into the same container simultaneously with the mouse pointer.

It is possible to change object position with the navigation buttons on the keyboard. Pressed Ctrl key prevents objects from “sticking” to the grid.

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