Property quickly edits object style, applying existing style to one or several objects.

The “Edit Style” button on the “Home” tab opens Style Sheet Editor.

Use “Open” and “Save” buttons to open and save styles. A file has XML format and .rss filename extension. “Add Style” and “Remove Style” buttons add and remove styles.

The following style properties are available:

 Properties   Description  
 Border  Element's border
 Font  Style of the element’s text
 Name  Style name
 TextAlign  Alignment of the element’s text
 TextFill  Fill of the element’s text

Set required style name as a parameter of the StyleName property to apply this style to the element.

Example demonstrating use of StyleName property for TextBox and Shape elements:

Report Template

Created Style

 Property   Report  

Note 1: When a style is applied to a container, it applies to all the contained objects. Appropriate properties of the objects receive the same values the style has (only if they have default value, i.e. not changed manually). The values different from the default are marked with the bold font.

Note 2: If the text that is output by the AdvancedText and its font is set in the Formatted Text Editor, Font property is ignored.

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