Objects’ properties define object appearance and behavior when generating reports. Object properties can be set by Property Grid. To display object properties in the Property Grid one needs to select an element in a template with left mouse button click or select it in the Object List. Properties default values have regular font, edited properties values are displayed in bold. One may select several objects by pressing the Shift button. This way there are general properties of the selected objects on Property Grid. All object properties may be divided into several groups:

 Groups   Descriptions 
 Appearance   properties defining objects' display and appearance 
 Data  properties defining data processing 
 Design  properties defining objects' display when editing a template in
 Report Designer 
 Layout  properties defining objects' location and size 
 Misc  properties for objects which are built in the report
 Navigation  properties which allow report's navigation 
 PageSettings  page properties 
 Render  properties defining rules of objects' behavior during report's generation
 Script  scripts - objects processing  

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