Sorting data in a groupband
Question asked by Kellen Weissenbach - March 15, 2019 at 4:42 AM
I am trying to sort a groupBand's data to be by FullName + ShiftDate and it's NOT working!  The actual data returned from the db is already pre-sorted in this fashion, but the resulting report sorts part A-Z, then continues with another set A-Z, etc... and the entire "UnitDescription column is the same for the entire result set.
I may be doing something wrong... but I have tried everything and it still sorts incorrectly.
Example below......
dataBand1 Datasource = dtCompanyData
  groupBand1 Grouping = dataBand1["CompanyName"]
     groupBand2 = Grouping = groupBand1["UnitDescription"], SortExpression =  groupBand1["FullName"].ToString().Trim() + groupBand1["ShiftDate"].ToString().Trim()
     End groupBand2
  End groupBand1
End dataBand1

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