Exception on PdfExport
Problem reported by Thomas Ziemek - July 17, 2017 at 4:03 PM
i am trying to do a direct pdf export as described in your HelpCenter topic 'How to Export the Report Programmatically without Showing Report Viewer' and get an ArgumentException on
with exception text 
String cannot be of zero length.
Parameter name: oldValue
   at System.String.ReplaceInternal(String oldValue, String newValue)
   at System.String.Replace(String oldValue, String newValue)
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.Pdf.FontFactory.FontDescription.Merge(FontDescription description)
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.Pdf.FontFactory.FillFontsDescriptions()
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.Pdf.FontFactory..ctor()
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.Pdf.Writer.PdfWriter..ctor()
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.Pdf.PdfExportFilter.ExportDocument(Document document, Stream stream)
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.Pdf.PdfExportFilter.ExportDocument(Document document, String fileName)
   at PerpetuumSoft.Reporting.Export.ExportFilter.Export(Document document, String fileName, Boolean showDialog)
I have tried a filled and an empty report, same result.
I am using the latest version as trial.
Thank you

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